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For over 40 years, our customers have known that private air charter is about being where you and your people need to be and on your schedule.


It's about being able to meet all your commitments.

Very well!  Many of our customers have been with SunWest since our start in 1986 as a family run, concierge style air charter service.  We are a FAA certified on-demand air carrier based on the central coast of California and serve the western half of the U.S. with passenger seating for up  to eight people.  

Our primary departure airport is Santa Maria (SMX) with many passengers choosing to depart from nearby Santa Ynez (IZA), San Luis Obispo (SBP), or Santa Barbara (SBA) airport private terminals. Of course we can use all the airports the airlines use in the U.S. -- about 500 and shrinking-- and about 5,000 more public/private use. Chances are you can avoid the busiest hubs and use less crowded facilities closer to your home and destination. 

From your car to our care

VIP treatment for the rest of us.  Most of our customers arrive with their colleagues and family, not an entourage.

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We work

 to your schedule

We know life and business are full of changes. Although we strive to meet your schedule we are also very mission oriented - if you need a change mid trip we will do everything we can to ensure your travel is successful and easy.  


Gather your team...

or just your thoughts

We use terminals most people don't even know exist.  Private lounges, conference rooms, and other amenities let you make use of time around your flight.


Are you a nervous flyer?

We've met many first time flyers in our many years of safe travel. Even Monty was a little tentative in the beginning.


SunWest has been an FAA approved Air Carrier since 1986 (Certificate #JDFA589B) 

With the same aircraft inspection, crew recurrent training and testing intervals that the airlines follow, SunWest delivers peace of mind on every flight.       

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